07 May 2011

Kites are for samurai boys

As I mentioned, the camera required a clean, so please excuse some of the yucky pixels.

What we have here is a morning spent at the annual Ikazaki Kite Festival いかざき大凧合戦 and a few shots from an afternoon spent at a friend's parents-in-law to celebrate their second son's first Children's Day. You can compare the decorations of this time used to celebrate boy children with the dolls used to celebrate girl children—like the ones at my ikebana teacher's house—in March.

After some hiccups with an injury last year, they tried to launch the enormous good-luck-for-new-babies kite over the river this year with some form of pulley system. Needless to say it pretty much went to straight into the river. I wonder when last that kite was launched successfully, if ever. Thanks to our bus driver who stuck around to see the fail even though the other bus driver was telling him to get a move-on.

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