30 April 2013


If you want to drop a fat stack of cash on food in Stellenbosch: Visit Makaron to be continually fed on deceptively small portions until you feel like you might burst... and then be served a plate of complimentary sweet things that will laugh in your face. Delicious. Fantastic service. Bring your gold credit card.

And your second stomach.


I gate-crashed a friend's family picnic at the Cape Philharmonic concert at Kirstenbosch. Quite lucky really, because now I have an actual clue about all of his four brothers. Only time will tell whether I manage to keep the names and birth order in my head. Having four brothers is kind of like being in a football team—no, I can't keep track of who's who in a squad of... how many?

P.S. The notebook above was new then (end of February) and is just about full as of yesterday.

28 April 2013


I couldn't decide on a picture of my lovely friends' wedding, so I thought I would go with a sort of non-picture of the pre-drinks venue. And then it reminded me of a similar phone picture of sky and telephone lines taken with some or other Nokia back in 2007. I found it, but then I also found that the next one was very much like it, except that it also included the relevant couple. So, voilà.

That was pre-honeymoon and now we've moved onto Honeymoon, Katrin's exhibition at Salon91 in Cape Town that is on until 18 May. Go see it—for me—please. But if you're also too far away, you can view a little bit of the 24 April opening on Instagram.

18 April 2013

Woodmill Market

The Woodmill Lifestyle Market in Stellenbosch probably won't blow your mind. I think it might have something to do with the fact that "lifestyle" has been included in the name. That said, it's a good place to pop by on a Friday evening for a beer and some curry. And a cover band.

17 April 2013

Cape Town Pop Up Party

So my friend Charl doesn't need a TV, because his flat is filled with awesome things that he can play exhibition-exhibition with. True story.

Then sometimes he and his twin brother (so, double awesome) will do things like add another friend who also shares their birthday and then organise a pop up party in public. And they'll bring beautiful things to sit on and delicious snacks and since they know so many terrific people you'll find a team of girls who show up to share their experiments in vegetables and coconut cream with everyone. And so on, and so fun.

So that was 20 February on Church Square in Cape Town and we even got a bird's eye view of ourselves on Facebook a few days later.

P.S. The city security people were fantastic. They didn't come by to tell us off — no, they just wanted to make sure no one tries to steal from us.

11 April 2013

Destination: McGregor

This post got lost approximately a million years ago one day when blogger decided to frustrate me. But anyway, since the South African winter seems to have landed with force, let's remember February with fondness.

Oh, see the enormous red chair with the little white chairs on top? I didn't. I travelled with my aunt and grandmother and my parents came through later. Then they asked, "So, did you take your picture on the giant red chair at the Rooiberg farmstall?" "No, I didn't see it..."

Turns out I had seen it. And photographed it. I just somehow missed that it was, in fact, a giant red chair and not just a podium for regular chairs so they can get a bit of height. Genius.