14 September 2013

April day in Amsterdam

We escaped the airport for a few hours and then evaded the cold of the city for a bit to hang out with the hipsters in a new Starbucks concept store.

But after all the frietjes, coffee, and lots of fun flower-bulb shapes, it was time to KLM it back to Germany.

13 September 2013

So let's pretend March is relevant?

Instead of another rant about posting about looong forgotten events, I'll just refer you to the origin of the name of this blog. Done.

Let's go back to the Langkloof in March, okay? Okay.

Langkloof landscape

Some Langkloof animals, but since the internet is already full of cats...

Here are some dogs and a lizard, too

Finally, the next time you're roaring down this Route 62, stop in at Kannabos Cacti and Succulents for the most beautiful collection of plants ever.