28 December 2012

Sweet, sweet pain

Well, I'm still getting used to where to turn and push the wheels and buttons and bits, but here are some initial experiments. Although the Christmas was far from white, at least some of the days weren't freezing—one was even unseasonably 'warm'. So we took some long walks.

I could feel the first walk in my legs a bit the next day, and I had to keep reminding myself that I had actually been outside. On the other hand, it's absurd how stiff my muscles are from playing Xbox Kinect games. But thank goodness for any exercise, be it with or without repercussions, otherwise all the Christmas chocolates, biscuits, cakes, and chocolate-covered biscuits and cakes would've killed me by now.

16 December 2012

Good night, Nikon D40

Marrying me is committing to a lifetime of receiving, like, maaaybe a book for your birthday. Christmas? Wedding anniversary? Whatever man, let's just go to dinner. So clearly I don't deserve it, but my birthday gift this year was a brand new Nikon D7000. ... I know! :O

Here are the D40's final pictures, taken at Sindelfingen's Christmas market last weekend. I thought we might visit another market this weekend, since I also finally had some time, but we didn't get round to it. Instead we went to sort out some home-shopping at the mall yesterday, and that will cure you of Christmas forever.

07 December 2012


In a perfect world there would only be snow, or no snow. The slushy brown brine that is the result of anti-snow measures messes with all the pristine freshness that is undisturbed white snow and crisp, cold air.