26 May 2013


So here's a draft that finally became a post just now: another most lovely South African wedding. The post comes about two months after the event, just as the album that I composed of our own happy day came almost four years after the fact. Hoping it looks nice when it finally arrives in the post.

On the topic of weddings, I happened to learn while teaching (as is inevitably always the case) that the German-speaking world has different anniversaries—so yes, also silver, gold and diamond the way we know it, but lots of different ones in between, including a number of alternatives for each year. But hey, who cares what the theme of the anniversary is supposed to be, let's just all try and be as awesome as these guys.

wedding photo renierjoshgif_zpsd8278747.gif

05 May 2013

Happy Children's Day

Interrupting the South African recap to wish Japan a happy (and already somewhat belated) Children's Day. Judging by Facebook pictures, it looks like the giant kite at the Ikazaki Kite Fighting Festival actually achieved a height describable as 'mid-air'. Well done.

Nothing nearly as exciting is happening here. Yesterday we hung around Stuttgart before seeing Iron Man 3. Look out for the Westworld reference, I thought that was kind of brilliant. I also finally gave in and got myself a Reclam book. They're the sort of publisher that brings out the books you have to read at school, so maybe Germans aren't that into it, but I love all the paperbacks that happen in yellow, orange and red. Delicious.

Of course I also desperately need to buy more Fischer TaschenBibliothek numbers, but I first have to finish reading the ones I have. Then, little stand of books that calls my name, then I will come to you.

P.S. The mini carp streamers that keep my plant company came from a most amazing Children's Day themed package from Japan. So much love.
P.P.S. The sun is coming out today!!!