19 May 2011

Do you like?

If a Japanese friend or acquaintance asks you whether you like something there's a reasonable probability of you receiving the object in question in the near future.

Last week a lady who lives in the same area as us—and thus joined in the same local sports day and after party as us—, but who also works at my main school sometimes, asked me if I like onions...

Sure, onions are pretty much my favourite spring vegetable.
Well, I'm going to give you some onions.
Sweet, thank you very much.
In fact, if you want we can go pick them right now! They're in the field just over there...
Oh no, I don't want to impose, please enjoy the party.
You're at school on Tuesday, right?

On the day, I promptly received six enormous onions, harvested that very morning, two heads of broccoli, one bag of regular peas, and one bag of snap peas.

Some time before that another acquaintance who I know through her involvement with our international association asked me if I'm interested in kimono.

Sure, it's pretty.
And if you would buy one, what colour would you go for?
Ah, good, yes, one should have something in your favourite colour. I'll let you know if there's anything on an online auction that's good for you. I like buying kimonos like that.
Why thank you.

Then the other day while we're doing some afternoon shopping she pulls over next to us. Car seat way back so there's space for her obi and the kimono she's wearing doesn't get rumpled. This is how she rolls. I've seen her in kimono more often than in regular clothes, I swear.

I have a kimono for you! When are you in the office?

It seems we missed each other on that front—I probably lied, since I forgot that my schedule was a bit backwards last week—but anyway, this morning there's a kimono wrapped up on my desk. And it's green, obviously. And with a pattern that's right up my geometrical street.

I need to do some baking to thank these Japanese superheroes. Seriously.

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