31 July 2014

Last summer: More market cool

There's not much more to say – if you don't love a good market I can't help you. As previously mentioned I picked up some fabric, and then we took home some Turkish cherries, because obviously imported products are cheaper than local ones – welcome to Europe. Furthermore, stacking things is great, especially if said things are fruit and vegetable boxes. Somehow the best graphics and colours seem to be bold and limited to about three colours. I recently found myself seriously coveting a giant watermelon box in front of the supermarket here. Currently I am in mourning since it's gone now. But Berlin! The theme is Berlin. I guess the only other thing to say is that these people are cool, but in that unattainably effortless sort of way. If you're going to look like you're trying, don't bother playing.

30 July 2014

Last summer: Market colours

Berlin's Türkischer Markt: A good place to find things to add to your fabric collection and/or enjoy general colourfulness .

29 July 2014

Last summer: To Berlin

The last time Berlin featured here, I was about a month behind. This time it's a year. What does that mean mathematically? Obviously you shouldn't ask me – maybe if I knew I'd be better at managing all of this posting stuff in the first place.

So anyway, a window seat on a nice day is always appreciated, and that's what this is about.

No, not houses, but a gardening association – each garden with its shed... I think? Some of the structures look suspiciously large, but then again it's too green to be regular housing.

Finally, the TV tower from above and – having arrived in the city by airport bus – below.

28 July 2014

Last summer: Yup, over a year ago

Officially about a year and a month (plus a few days) behind on picture stuff. Fortunately it seems photography is mostly a summer phenomenon. So yes, this was June 2013 when my old friend Jani visited. There was the compulsory Stuttgart sightseeing, including my free-view-of-Schloßplatz tip: using the stairs or elevator of the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart does not involve entering any exhibition areas.

And then, on a semi-whim, we went to Legoland in the middle of the week when no schools had any freedom. Glorious. Did you enjoy that ride? Well, get in line behind three other people and just do it again. I'm fairly certain we managed to do everything besides the baby rides, including the most grown-up one: screaming like a crazy person on the robot arm thing. Of course the miniature details were lovely as always – remember 2013, when Angie wasn't quite as peeved at Barack yet?

Legoland for the girl who I don't really recall playing Barbie with, but who did – along with her sister – have a table dedicated to an orderly jungle of completed Lego sets along with crates full of alternatives under said table. To add to the throwbacks, she told us of her nostalgia for Tatort from living in Germany back in those far-flung early ’90s, a show that is now a firm part of the Sunday night schedule around here. In return I pulled out all the letters her 10-year-old personage wrote to me from abroad, my favourite part perhaps being the extremely detailed description – including sketches – of aeroplane entertainment and its attendant buttons back then.

01 July 2014


In just over a week I'll be back in western Europe, hoping that it has some more summer in store than whatever this Baltic season is. Last summer seems impossibly long ago. Maybe Estonia is just holding, hoooolding, because it seems at least this weekend at the song festival should be good weather. Anyway, since the end of this semester marks the end of my 'student blogger' title, I'll slowly try and return to a summer plus a year's neglect. That's where it seems the picture thread needs to be picked up. I think this bit of Munich fits into some sort of chronology if you ignore the Estonian mentions. Although I think I sat down to organise stuff on my hard drive. So, uh, back to that.