14 October 2012

Grey, but with apples and pumpkins

Autumn is being a bit dreary. Like it doesn't know that yellow leaves look better against a blue sky. But let's not have too many expectations, then the world might disappoint us less.

On that note, here's some wisdom from today's Area F1 humorous speech contest: "Do you want to know the secret to my great, great success? I set my goals retroactively."

08 October 2012

Dear Autumn

I know you can't last forever, but please last as long as possible.

Below is another random collection of phone pictures. The weekly market in Sindelfingen, intricate fans from an exhibition of amazing treasures at the Landesmuseum Württemberg, and misty mornings and autumn colours—mostly from around Holzgerlingen. You'll also see one of the cut-it-yourself flower fields. I should take those guys up on the offer and try some ikebana again.

P.S. Since "-le" can replace the standard diminutive of "-chen" around here, we can deduce that the squirrel up there is not only a small squirrel, but specifically a small Schwäbisch squirrel.

P.P.S. The Celtic exhibition at the Landesmuseum is pretty damn fantastic. Thank heavens I spent my public holiday there instead of at the Cannstatter Volksfest.