26 July 2011

Summertime zen

It was but three years ago that I encountered rice paddies for the first time, but here I am, clearing up my third and final Japan school/office desk.

Here's a video from the sunny afternoon that was Friday afternoon. Nothing actually happens in it. You have been warned.

24 July 2011

Retro Japan

Another blog comes to a grinding halt as the demands of real life take over. Specifically, packing. Also, finishing up all kinds of work before I can leave the country.

Anyway, my two favourite things to buy at Hard Off in Japan were Miffy and Moomin crockery (packed!) and weird old LP covers. The clerks were always kind enough to tell me that the quality of the record—it being second-hand—is not guaranteed. I generally tried to explain that I'm buying the pictures, not the music.

I've kept the ones featured below out of boxes because I want to gift them to friends. So before I give them up, I SD card immortalised them.

10 July 2011

Ladies and gentleman dinner

Just to mess with any and all semblance of chronology I'll show pictures of a more recent event, when we revisited Hanagoromo 花ごろも in Gorō, Ōzu 大洲市の五郎. Maybe you recall the previous post which turned out to be a major menu translation project.

It was once again absolutely phenomenal. The tomato soup with eggplant mousse in the bottom was a highlight. We couldn't get at all the mousse in the bottom of our glasses with the spoons, so we had to switch to chopsticks. Mottainai, naturally.


The last post I tried doing—but couldn't because Google was being stupid—before my laptop went in for repair. But now he's back!

Hermes Ginza April 2009 and June 2011.