11 May 2011

Information is fun

I've been compiling old and new pictures around the theme of information design. Why? Well that's something I'd love to talk about more, if only The Company in The Place that we're hoping to make The Move to would Get Back to Us—by which I mean my husband—so we could make An Announcement of some sort or actually form any Concrete Plans...

This is how you start to think when you read too much Winnie the Pooh. A children's story that was ruined for me for years because I only ever saw the Disney TV version and never knew that in the books the somewhat idiotic characters are endearing and funny instead of just irritating. You have to come to Japan and have your adult English students teach you about these things, you see.

But I think I started out talking about something completely different. Maybe I'm a Blogger of Little Brain. Anyway, first up is a tabbed tin cover I snapped at school. I think it came from a tin of biscuits an English teacher away on maternity leave sent over. I discovered the biscuits just as I was about to perish of midmorning hunger. But the point is that I like the embossed informational illustration on the tin.

Second is something I've been hoarding along with other papers that seem to have babies while I'm not looking and fill more boxes and start more piles around the house. I'm hoping the fact that I bothered to open a box yesterday, while actually picking up some scissors and glue and a dusty visual diary means I have some resolve to rekindle creative endeavours. I snapped this particular specimen before deconstructing it because it's from the medical check I was forced to undertake last summer. Nevermind that I'm more likely to get weird diseases from the students and not the other way around, or that I'm 25 and... whatever. My new supervisor was more insistent than my previous one. He won. The point is the Japanese nation loves origami, and this even extends to providing an origami sheet with instructions for folding it to catch your pee. Yes, you fold the cup, strategically pee into it, and then use the tubes provided to capture a urine sample from the cup. Obviously I had to preserve this beautiful item so I devised my own alternative method. If only there were an alternative method for drawing blood that didn't make me want to die from pale, low blood pressure, self-induced stress. I'm a baby like that. I suppose the one good thing about this being my last year on the programme is that I don't have to be forced into any medical poking procedures again. Yay!

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