30 May 2011


This is the fourth and final instalment related to travel from the 1970s Die Huisgenoot. The other three are here, here, and here. But never fear, many more pages with other themes are left.

This time we have a bit on Italy. Which at some point in my young days I decided was the number one country that I want to visit someday, and I suppose it still is. So here's to hoping that happens, if only so I can say I've been to Namibia (doesn't really count!), Japan and Italy.

Fly with Alitalia to versatile Italy

Skiing and swimming. Frescos and fishing.

Chianti and Dante. Modern design and antique craft. Artistic fashion and scenic beauty. Italy has something for everyone.

The antique and the modern. Music and song. Sun and snow.

Alitalia has as many tour plans as Italy has sides. Fly with us to versatile Italy. There's so much to see and do.

Visit Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance, world famous today as a European fashion centre.

Rome, where it all began—and where it's still happening today. (Look at an Alfa Romeo on the Appian Way.)

Milan, where two peaks represent two cultures: the Gothic Duomo and the Tower of Pirelli.

Venice. Versatility itself. In house upon house on every channel, grace and style figure in a hundred-and-one ways.

Whether you like ancient cities, or modern hangouts, the Alps and lakes in the north, or the sunny beaches of the south, Alitalia has the tour for you.

Here's another reason you'll want to fly with us. We fly to Rome eight times a week in association with South African Airways. On Friday nights Alitalia's "Africa-shrinker" flies you directly to Rome in under 10 hours.

For Alitalia the seventies mean the beginning of great new things in the sky. Our fleet of aeroplanes are some of the best — all of them jets.

We are in Dimension '70, the era of the supersonic jets. Italy included.



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