07 May 2011

Ready, set, kimono!

After featuring some pretty books that included kimono and Japanese fabric, yesterday was finally the day to go check it out in person. Three of my eikaiwa students took me and a friend down to Nana no Ichi 七の市, a second-hand kimono market that happens on the 7th of every month down in Uwa.

We spent the first while hanging around the expensive table of new beautiful things waiting for the market to officially open. Before it opened, a lady made a number of announcements, including things like "please be sure to go home wearing your own shoes". I felt kind of unprepared, wondering what mayhem would soon be unleashed.

It turned out to be perfectly civilised though. We crowded around tables and tossed fabric about pretending like we had any idea of what we were doing or what we were looking for. I just took whatever patterns I liked and put them in my giant bag for later review before final purchase. I'm hoping my dreams of reappropriating the fabric pan out some day.


  1. About how much was the expensive stuff?

  2. The ones I looked at were 10 000 yen.