20 May 2011

They have it all

With a big trip coming up, I've got travel on my mind. More from the 1970s Die Huisgenoot.

Envy them.

They have it all. On board some of the big postal ships en route to Europe.

Sun. Sea. A deck bathed in silver moonlight. Railings etched upon a starry sky. Background music by the ship's band. A holiday in its own right, with only a phosphorescent trail to show that there's a destination ahead. It's all there. All that is wanting, is you. You on the dance floor. You in the conversation. You in this whole wonderworld. No, it doesn't have to be your bean to Never Never Land. Mail the coupon and leave the whole tedious world behind.

Union-Castle/Safmarine's postal ships regularly depart from Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town...to Las Palmas and Brittain.

Please send me a free Castlemarine holiday booklet — a colourful, interesing collection of reading matter and useful information for the traveller, as well as the full particulars of seasonal and excursion tariffs and trips to Europe and for coastal trips.
NAME _______________________________________
ADDRESS ____________________________________


Every ship a wonderworld.

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