01 May 2011

Advertising, circa 1991

With all this Golden Week free time I finally worked my way through the Tibor Kalman vs. Joe Duffy Revisited debate, as moderated by Steven Heller, over on Print. A very interesting read, even if only to see the personalities at play, but indeed still relevant for anyone in advertising/marketing/design today. Some zingers include:

KALMAN: I think it’s misleading. I’m sure there are chinks in our armor in this area, too, and I don’t want to focus the attack on Joe, but to me the issue is that graphic design is frequently used as a tool to lie, including a lot of my work and a lot of Joe’s work, and that bugs me. I mean, doesn’t it make you a little crazy? Do you sleep okay about that?

DUFFY: Yes. I have no problems because I don’t think it’s lying.

KALMAN: What do you think it is then?

DUFFY: Communicating.


HELLER: Is that an issue of political rightness or egotism?

KALMAN: Fuck you, Steve. That’s my answer to that. It’s an issue of political rightness. And I think that’s a bullshit question.

This debate was from April of 1991. Is that retro yet? I mean I was already born, so could it be? The pictures sure make it seem like it. I have noticed that things I might refer to as retro are also being called "vintage" these days. So what do you think the difference between retro and vintage is exactly?

I have some more retro (or vintage?) coming up with pictures from another generation prior, a 1970 issue of the Afrikaans publication Die Huisgenoot. Once a "Home companion" magazine, now maybe more of a "Home companion" tabloid. I include my absolute favourite ad below as a sneak preview.

beteken goeie gesondheid!

Wonderlike Milo is belaai met vitamiene om u heeldaglank aan die gang te hou. Drink gereeld hierdie heerlike drankie—dis gesond en kraggewend. Enigeen kan Milo enige tyd van die dag geniet. Maak dit met warm of koue melk. Heerlik—warm of koud.

means good health!

Wonderful Milo is loaded with vitamins to keep you going all day long. Drink this delicious drink regularly—it's healthy and energising. Anyone can enjoy Milo any time of the day. Make it with hot or cold milk. Delicious—hot or cold.

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