15 August 2014

Last summer: War and ice cream (or beer)

If you're in the Checkpoint Charlie area you might spot the ice cream parlour kalter Krieg – haha, get it? Makes you wonder whether we'll be able to come up with such a catchy name for whatever the hell is going on in the world right now, and then maybe in thirty years we can name a gourmet pickle store after it or something.

Given the amount of free history you have access to in Berlin, we just checked out a few things outside of the Checkpoint Charlie Museum and then headed over to the Topography of Terror Documentation Centre. Always good to take some time out of your gorgeous summer day to spare a thought for those who suffered at the hands of crazy people. After which it is advised to go buy some beers go and hang out with your friends in the park and the city.

Because – thank goodness – life in Berlin is a fair bit more relaxed compared to back then.

01 August 2014

Last summer: Shiny architecture

Turns out that if you Google "Jugendstil Berlin" you'll find lots of pictures of the Hackesche Höfe, but you needn't go to so much trouble, since I need to take at least five pictures every time I walk through there.

Okay, you got me, I guess that's only four. Let's round it out with some other shots that are more or less related to the architecture theme.

The final shot being of a kind that I'm sure someone somewhere has dedicated a hashtag to: the architecture selfie. Maybe it's a personal collection waiting to happen, because it happened again in May at the Reichstag... but it can't be helped – buildings are just shiny like that.

31 July 2014

Last summer: More market cool

There's not much more to say – if you don't love a good market I can't help you. As previously mentioned I picked up some fabric, and then we took home some Turkish cherries, because obviously imported products are cheaper than local ones – welcome to Europe. Furthermore, stacking things is great, especially if said things are fruit and vegetable boxes. Somehow the best graphics and colours seem to be bold and limited to about three colours. I recently found myself seriously coveting a giant watermelon box in front of the supermarket here. Currently I am in mourning since it's gone now. But Berlin! The theme is Berlin. I guess the only other thing to say is that these people are cool, but in that unattainably effortless sort of way. If you're going to look like you're trying, don't bother playing.

30 July 2014

Last summer: Market colours

Berlin's Türkischer Markt: A good place to find things to add to your fabric collection and/or enjoy general colourfulness .

29 July 2014

Last summer: To Berlin

The last time Berlin featured here, I was about a month behind. This time it's a year. What does that mean mathematically? Obviously you shouldn't ask me – maybe if I knew I'd be better at managing all of this posting stuff in the first place.

So anyway, a window seat on a nice day is always appreciated, and that's what this is about.

No, not houses, but a gardening association – each garden with its shed... I think? Some of the structures look suspiciously large, but then again it's too green to be regular housing.

Finally, the TV tower from above and – having arrived in the city by airport bus – below.