27 February 2011

Little doll people in the flower garden

Our ikebana teacher spoiled us rotten this weekend with an amazing treat-meal to commemorate my friend's recent birthday and Hinamatsuri, the Japanese Doll Festival for girls.

While she was slaving away in the kitchen we did some easy arrangements that included adding adorable little doll people on a stick to the centre of the arrangement at the end. After that we feasted until we were ready to pop.

This is some of what we ate:

  • Cooked daikon with a small piece of beef and nanohana
  • Nama (as in raw, or fresh) harumaki
  • Chawanmushi—and this was the first delicious one I ever had
  • Gomokuzushi, vinegared rice with vegetables
  • A light broth with nanohana and doughy flower shapes
  • A strawberry and a cream-filled mochi
  • The tiny thing has dried apricot inside and is wrapped in red shiso and I don't know how it's made, but it's the most delicious taste ever!

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