10 February 2013

Long Street

Tire of bumming around Long Street? Never.

Specific highlights on my recent shopping jaunt included Afraid of Mice with their super vintage and one South African designer selection. I can't wait to wear the jacket I bought — it'll make everything look fancy. At the ever-colourful Mali South I got some fabric to fulfil the longtime promise of a gift. The African Music Store also solved a gift problem rather neatly and I got myself a Mahotella Queens album — a bit of South African music legend that I had to go live in Japan to learn about. Clarke's Bookshop moved, but the good news is that it didn't move very far and that it's as awesome as always.

Oh and if all that shopping leaves you a bit hungry, check out the Eastern Food Bazaar for amazing value for money.

09 February 2013

Came, went, and to come

After a deliciously hot day yesterday, an early-morning rain shower has just... bvvrrooooot! Wat is Engels vir losgetrek, julle? Anyway, I say deliciously hot, because I came here to warm myself deep down into my bones and the temperatures have actually been quite mild, so I'll take all the skeleton-heating I can get.

Posts to come will include some bumming around Cape Town and yesterday's KWV Sensorium ice cream event, but right now it's still too early to think. So please enjoy my very late year-in-review: Some screenshots of the 2012 European adventures book we had printed for our grandmothers.

03 February 2013


I think I'm writing this post because of a cat. Or a picture of a cat, to be more precise.

So I have to add Kitty on Air Conditioner to your general internet environment. And in doing so I also got round to selecting a few Berlin pictures and captioning them. So we'll call it a picture essay and then declare that chapter closed until we visit the city again. So here it is, days around New Year's, in Berlin... at last!

Maybe next time I'll be all current and show you more of my ongoing South African visit than just a kitten.