12 April 2011

Vintage Photo Contest

The Sartorialist is having a Vintage Photo Contest. He posted an example of a previous run he did and that picture actually reminds me a lot of this one of my grandmother and grandfather.

It's a strange coincidence, because I was talking to a colleague about this exact picture collection earlier today. I scanned a small collection of my grandmother's pictures to use for her 80th birthday invitation. That was in 2006, and she's still with us today. My family really enjoyed the resurfacing of these pictures and everyone could see how beautiful my grandmother was. In some pictures she kind of looks like Nicole Kidman. I also really liked the small format (most of the pictures were about 6 x 8 cm)—the pictures seemed more precious somehow.

The centre picture would have been taken around the early 1940s and she's on the campus of the University of Cape Town, South Africa, where she studied chemistry. She also met my grandfather there.

He kept a beautiful portrait picture of her, taken later, but with a similar upward looking pose, in his wallet all his life. He passed away in 1997. But there was one open seat at her 80th birthday party. I like to think it was for him.

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  1. Great photos of your gran. I think black and white phots just show so much more of the person than colour ones do.