16 May 2011

Gym lines and hula hoops

Last week we had the "day of fun" event with new first years at my one junior high school. It would've involved a long walk and checkpoints with activities, but the incessant rain meant that the contingency fun-in-the-gym plan had to be implemented. The students, in their groups made up of first through third years, enjoyed the activities a lot though. I even discovered that soft volleyball is kind of fun. I might actually try it again.

The pictures represent the classic awakening I find every time I actually bother to creatively engage my brain and hands. After collaging the night before, specifically with old printouts of pictures I took of Tokyo buildings, I found myself drawn to all the lines and shapes of the gym.

In other abstract news I recently acquired Wolfgang Weingart's My Way to Typography. Look inside on Amazon for more. So far it's very exciting!

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