29 May 2011

Stepchild of the menu?

My friend Erns Grundling went to sample some sheep's head at a world record attempt in a small town of South Africa. My attempt at an English transcription is below the video.

Stepchild of the menu?

Erik de Milander, organiser: Hino Citrusdal/Clanwilliam Toyota Sheep's Head Eating World Record Attempt

EdM: Our goal today is to prepare and of course enjoy eating more than 500 sheep's heads here on this fine premises of the Bushman's Cave Bergteater. Now, we started this morning with a few guests of honour whom we specially invited to this event—just people from old age homes in the surrounding towns and those who maybe grew up with sheep's heads in former years, but who no longer have the privilege and opportunity to eat it these days as a result of maybe the availability and also because it has become sort of outmoded to eat sheep's head.

Woman1: Already from childhood days we learnt to eat sheep's heads.

Woman2: I'm really looking forward to eating this little tongue. I've got a real craving for it.

Man1: I eat everything, the eye and the heart and everything I eat. It's just here where it comes to the snotkoeker* that the business isn't so pleasant there.

Man2: Very tasty.

EdM: This "stepchild of the menu" is a king's feast which we're partaking of here today and man, I'm telling you, I've already polished off two of these [heads] today. I don't think I'll eat again before Tuesday because I'm quite satisfied.

Erns Grundling, Weg-journalist

EG: The sheep's eye guys. Here we go.

EG: The eye was a bit weird, it tasted like marrow, I just kept telling myself 'it's marrow, marrow, marrow'. And then I had the brains for dessert which... they always call the brains the pudding. Now initially it tasted a bit like—I just got the idea of plaque, because it had a sort of strange, sticky consistency. I did my part for the record attempt, let's see what number we reach by the end of today's proceedings.

EdM: We got 546 sheep's heads from sheep, prepared them, and we cooked it on one day, and presented it to our guests, ready to eat.

Total eaten: 438.

EdM: We're back next year in all our glory and then we're really going to try for that last pushover try (EG: in injury time) —in injury time, we'll score.

Video: Le Roux Schoeman and Erns Grundling.

*I'm going to go ahead and assume the man means penis.

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