01 June 2011

Live baseball

There are some nice ways to crop this picture, but I'll leave it as is because the texture of the wet ground was so fantastic.

After watching yesterday's baseball game from start to finish I could only conclude, once again, that baseball is the most boring thing I've ever seen.

But instead of getting into those particulars, I'd like to share some other things that dawned on me.

Baseball is hard. Or maybe, the way baseball club is approached is hard. Hard in many ways. You practice hard, all the time. When you play, you give your all. If you don't, or if you make a mistake, you'll get called on it. Immediately. And you have to own up. YES, SIR! And then you have to move along and be better.

I think all of that is easier said than done. And I really gained a lot of respect for my students who conform to this pattern of behaviour day in and day out. Taking off your cap and shouting greetings loudly are just the tip of the iceberg. I can see what the baseball teacher was talking about.

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