29 June 2011

One kyo

On our way to catch a ferry to jet around some Tokyo rivers I spotted a clock. It was five minutes to the hour. We went closer. We waited. Nothing happened. After enjoying so many moving clocks in Japan (like the Botchan clock and the Moomin clock), I guess I had to be disappointed this once. Was it broken? Were they saving power? Who knows.

After we passed under the many many bridges—my civil engineer father wondered out loud whether Tokyo ever considered saving themselves the money and just filling in the river—we arrived in Asakusa, ready to pose in front of the new Sky Tree and the Golden Turd.

We spent the rest of the evening walking around a not-so-shiny Ginza—power saving. I also had to show off the Tokyo International Forum, stitched together in all its boat-like ceiling glory in the last picture.

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