11 June 2011

Till we meet again, Hakodate

WOW. What a full day. It calls for a bullet list.

  • Super friendly people at the Asaichi 朝市 market. "You're from Africa!?" "Yes... Africa."
  • Appreciation of some people's beautiful gardens.
  • Even more appreciation of the beautiful Goryōkaku gardens 五稜郭公園.
  • Two really friendly guys at the Northern Pacific Fisheries Documentation Museum 函館市北洋資料館 who wanted to know all about us and show us all the great videos. "This one's about kujira. What's kujira in English again?" "Whale." "Ah yes, here, on the info board, there we go." — and then a whaling video from like 1950 that can only remind you of The Life Aquatic... in a morbid way.
  • Public sculpture!
  • Buildings, buildings, and more buildings that I love.
  • Sushi so fresh it'll bite back!
  • The Museum of Northern Peoples 北方民族資料館, which needs some serious graphic/information design help and a critical overhaul, but that at least has lots of pretty patterns!
  • Ice-creaaaaammmmmmmmmmmm.
  • Buildings.
  • Buildings, and churches.
  • And some buildings.
  • And funny cars on the street after dinner—like a Moo Moo taxi that makes moo noises!

There's no one picture that really sums this place up, so this is another montage of sorts. Full sets and more tales to come, later. And hopefully more pictures some years from now, when I visit here again!

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