21 February 2011

City appreciation

I had to go to the city again on Saturday to, amongst other things, pick up my bicycle from the shop.

I decided to try more seriously to appreciate the city and it's strange little buildings. So you can see pictures of that. I have no idea how one would describe the prevailing style of your average small city dwelling and why it looks the way it does. Ideas?

I had lunch at the wonderful Tomatina. It's frequented by girls for its cuteness and delicious pasta dishes. And this includes high school girls because it's that cheap. There is one chef and one waitress. It's just off Gintengai. Highly recommended.

I also dropped by the Ehime Museum of Art to see, well, whatever it is that is on show at the moment. It included a lot of old sculptures and other objects from shrines and temples. I think the theme had to do with the woman who wrote on these things. Not that I could read her musings, of course. But the objects were interesting anyway. I especially liked the Shinto carvings. I'll definitely go to the museum again in April when there is a show related to the Ghibli film The Borrower Arrietty. I should probably endeavour to watch the movie before that time though.

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