02 February 2011

Back in the saddle on a new route

How to get to Matsuyama from here is usually a question of "train or car?" Not my car, I don't own one of those, but you know, some Good Samaritan's car. I am however strongly considering taking the less obvious choice of cycling this Saturday, seeing as how I have all day to get there for a party that starts pretty late. I'm already imagining having my first visit to Dōgo onsen after a good cycle. I'm also geared to come back by train with my new bike bag, and one shouldn't waste these 10°C or above temperatures! I mean let's not say "winter is over" or something blasphemous like that—I'll always be haunted by that school outing with the sideways blizzard at the zoo—but the forecast for this weekend looks positive. Now if only I could find someone with a car to maybe take some of my heavy winter clothes I'll need to put on afterwards :P

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