26 February 2011

The tunnel of no mild horror, and others

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So the route from the last post worked out well. And above is the route I followed today—more on that later. It seems that if I spend enough time looking at something on Google maps I don't ever need to pull out the actual map book on my journey. Or I'm just going to easy-to-find places.

The worst part of the going was the tunnel of no mild horror between Ōzu 大洲 and Yawatahama 八幡浜. The cycle path was narrow, uneven, and putting a safety rail on something like that would obviously be a waste. My only comfort was the cycle tracks through the mud where dirt is somehow penetrating some of the tunnel's seams. I initially started out walking, but accessed some part of my memory where I had been driven through this tunnel and remembered that it's very very long. So I cycled along slowly, cautiously, trying to focus while I think things like "if you wobble and fall over you are definitely dead". Which wasn't a melodramatic thought, I was just being realistic.

The next tunnel was between Yawatahama and Honai 保内 and it had a smooth, wide path with a rail. Nice. The tunnel after that, pictured above, was completely separate and just for pedestrians and cyclists. My love for Honai had begun.

See the next post for the few pictures I took on this trip, and the many more that I took on my continuation today.

Total distance: 33.5km
Time: about 2 hours
Highest point: 340m
Lowest point: Being at 340m in a death tunnel

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