27 June 2012

Hamburg to come

Our flat was so neat when we got back, but the clutter is taking over again. I don't even know where my big camera with all my Hamburg pictures on it is! Here is one from my small camera anyway. There are many more pictures to come, and a lot of stuff about books!

Speaking of which, I went to a store today to pick up the German course book that my class will be progressing to next week, but inevitably also walked out with a spiffy dictionary—because dictionaries are the best, and a Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag book with one of their sticker covers. It's short, so I think I can manage. I actually had a streak during German class today when the teacher brought up camping and I knew lots of relevant words, like "tent" and "making fire" and "going fishing", all from a bit of Calvin und Hobbes that I was rereading yesterday.

In other awesomeness, I went by the office of the English course coordinator of the same organisation to get the books for the first course I'll be teaching! Finally some employment; albeit only once a week and starting at the end of September. Yay me!

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