20 June 2012

Sofia MORE

The next morning we investigated some sights in more detail. First up was the Archaeology Museum. While we waited for our friends, we watched the guards do some prancing. The museum itself was quite rewarding, not least because I wasn't the only one geeking out on history and things. Their arbitrary proximity alarms were a bit annoying though. I didn't touch anything!!!

We also poked our heads inside the Rotunda of St George before we headed to lunch. I really can't get over how cheap it was to eat and drink there. We could eat more than enough and have drinks for about 25 leva for the two of us, but do note that with the exchange rate that means about €13! I also liked that the restaurants served normal portions and kept all side dishes separate. If you order ribs as a main, that's what you get—ribs. It's up to you to also have a salad as a starter or order chips as a side, or whatever. This makes for good variety... and eating lots of good salad! We had shopska salad with most meals.

In the afternoon we got ready for the wedding. Luckily, a Bulgarian friend of the groom at our table could explain some customs. As for the Bulgarian dances, I think us foreign bunch mastered one: a really slow one. But on the other music we danced our legs off. We got back to the hostel so late that it was the kind of hour where you could pick up a transvestite prostitute—if that's what you're into.

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