21 June 2012

Sunshine and happiness

The weather in Hamburg today is almost as good as back home. A few more degrees and a little less windy and that would be the perfection of Baden-Würtemmberg. But as it is I'm super psyched to have blue skies!

My friend who visited us over the weekend was also excited about the good weather in the south-west. Her travels through Germany thus far had been a bit wet and drab.

We took a short lap around Stuttgart and then Kirchheim unter Teck on Sunday afternoon. Then on Monday morning it rained on us in Herrenberg for about five minutes before it turned into a most lovely day. I planned our visit in the morning so that I could get a better view from the hill than last year when we were there in the afternoon. It seems I keep making mental notes of better times of the day to visit places depending on the position of the sun.

After Herrenberg we took a short stroll around Ehningen and I took some pictures of the garden spots that I'm in love with. In Böblingen we walked around the city park area and visited the Flohmarkthaus, from which I naturally had to liberate a few items.

Before heading home to watch whatever soccer match was on that evening, we checked out the fancy cars at Flugfeld and had a homebrewed beer at Wichtel.

Oh! The first picture is from when I went pattern and colour-crazy at the mall on Friday night. Win!

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