06 September 2011

Blue skies and rose yoghurt

The German summer is something like a rainy winter's day in Cape Town. Half of the time.

The other half of the time it's all blue skies, cool breeze, and old people tending abundant rose gardens or going shopping by bicycle. It's the stuff of European postcards, live action version.

To add to all the charm I visited one of my new favourite places, the Red Cross store in Hulb, again. I documented some of the crockery this time. I was most tempted by the four plates with the exercising human figures on. I also love the deep green 70sey teaset, but alas, it won't go with our greener-than-green IKEA table. There are of course also some kitsch gems: dining essentials like an apple-shaped glass bowl.

What I actually bought was a plain €1 glass bowl and an adorable 30c red wooden box for knitting needles.

More nutritiously, I also popped by a greengrocer that's only open some days of the week. I was reading about parsley yesterday, so getting root parsley was a no-brainer. I'm quite excited to know what it tastes like. I'm also doubly excited to go try some of the rose-flavoured yoghurt I found, right now.

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