23 September 2011

For bored housewives: Part 2

Continuing with our last theme, don't forget to keep your camera handy and don't forget to switch on that macro function.

In this instalment we have three more creative ideas that will really brighten your day.

1. If you're stuck at home chopping those vegetables, don't forget to really look at them. You might discover amazing vistas of sunset visions right there in the pumpkin peels.

2. When you're out shopping, remember to look on the ground for interesting things that fell from trees. You can have at least ten minutes of fun photographing them once you get home.

3. When you're not looking on the ground for flora, remember to be on the look-out for fauna. They can be so interesting!

Well that's all folks, and if that didn't really grab your attention, maybe it's time to get a job.

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