21 January 2011

What's surprising about a supermarket?

Some quick snaps of a supermarket back home.

Things that are interesting or surprising to my students (or even to me when I rethink things):

  • Snow decorations in a country where it doesn't snow for Christmas.
  • Buying food by weight—Japanese supermarkets usually have things priced by package or by single item. 
  • Different squashes like butternut and gem squash.
  • Buying a whole watermelon for R25 (290yen) instead of for 800yen or more.
  • Apples for about R3 (30yen) each, not 100yen or more.
  • Buying a whole bread for about R9 (100yen) instead of 5 slices for 150yen.
  • An enormous cheese selection. Compare with: grated cheese in bags, Camembert, cream cheese, and—worst of all—fake cheese.
  • Fruit juice in abundance, but more importantly, in enormous bottles (lower rack).
  • Ice-cream, not in a little cup, not even just two litres, but also five litres. And for about 500 or 600yen—no way. 
  • Enormous carts. But as one must point out, the cart-size and the general person-size correlate.

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