11 January 2011

The Baxter

If this post turns out completely incomprehensible it's because I'm so very very jet lagged. (Jet lag in Japanese is fun because it's time/difference/become senile 時差惚け jisaboke—thank you Amy. But catch-up is required, and I can't bring myself to do anything more useful just now.

We attended David Kramer's Breyani at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town. (Seemingly a lifetime ago in a place where it was summer and I could sleep at night.)

The Baxter Theatre remains excellent for many reasons, amongst others: a) the variety they put on; b) the affordable prices they charge; and c) the sound mix that generally doesn't suck. And while the building looks like a weird brick-spaceship from outside, you've just got to love the feeling of it landing on you with its weird orange ceiling lights.

David Kramer, if you didn't know, is a South African song writing and composing legend and should be commended for all the research and effort he's put into bringing local music forms to the people at large.

Breyani is a nice overview of some of his projects over the recent years, including Ghoema, and it imparts many historical and cultural gems, through the best voice for the job, Kramer's. The audience learns about Cape music through the show's authentic and original presentation by Kramer and the amazing team he put together.

The show at the Baxter is over but hopefully it'll be coming to a theatre near you soon.

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