18 January 2011


To continue with the December chronology, next up was our visit to the Backsberg Estate for a picnic concert. It was a whole day affair, but we were more interested in the concert than the picnic, so we rolled around early evening to see Jax Panik, Goldfish, and Die Antwoord.

Jax Panik I hadn't heard so much as heard of, being out here in the foreign wilderness. Their performance was quite enjoyable, and I see they're cultivating a nice young fan base (cf. the first video below). Goldfish was even better than expected, because their act included vocalists that they had collaborated with for their CD. The boys mixing it up on the stage are great, but the vocalists add some spice and interaction.

Die Antwoord is hard to characterise as anything other than "interesting". To be sure, The Ninja, as we know apparently reverently refer to him, has done more interesting work in the past, but who's going to turn down international fame once you finally found something that makes a lot of people tick?

But more interesting than the performance was how members of the audience were experiencing it. I haven't been to an event of this nature in some years, and the change is quite apparent. That thing the Mark Zuckerberg character says in The Social Network is true. People aren't just going to parties anymore, they're now taking their camera along, and reliving the moments later—online. I suppose me blogging about it is a case in point. Though it did seem that some people were there not so much to see Die Antwoord as they were there to be able to say and show (digital camera for evidence!) that they had done so. A lot of girls didn't appear to be into the music or the performance at all, but that didn't stop them from recording the evidence of the moment.

But anyway, here are my pieces of evidence of some moments. Oh, and big up to the people who organised it. It's nice to go to an outdoor event and see staff that are constantly in the vicinity of the porta potties, ready to keep them sanitary.

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