26 April 2015

Honourable mention: Supilinna lapsed

This morning I recalled that I left out one of the best parts of yesterday. I met up with a friend who mentioned that a little girl with a whole lot of hustle had tried to sell him some things, in English, but he had neglected to bring cash so he couldn't buy anything. Naturally my response was: Take me to this girl! She was seated on the ground in the fleamarket area and had a tiny setup with her wares on some cloth in front of her. I'm guessing she was about ten years old. She asked if we'd like to buy something in Estonian, so I replied yes, in English. "Would you like some tea?" "No, thank you, what else do you have?" "I have kirju koer, it's a kind of chocolate cake." "Okay, two pieces please. How much is it?" "It's one euro. It should be very delicious, because this year is the first time I made it with extra butter!"

And my heart melts. As if it were made with extra butter too.

There were numerous performances by children, but I loved this one's spunk. This is just a few seconds, but the whole song was treated to his energetic accompanying steps and giving the vocals his all.

And, finally, the big swing, which is actually the village swing (küla kiik), in action.

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