04 March 2016

Around the house, around the hood

From this week in Facebook posts on mundane matters…

The privilege of living in a flat that faces other flats

Our neighbours, by which I mean people living across the street of whose flat I have a stellar view through their uncurtained windows, are seriously adorable. The kids just arrived home. They're at the dining room table. Little boy gets his bib tied on. Little girl gets her hair tied up. Little boy is smelling his soup like he really can't wait to eat it. Mom brings in some kind of topping for the food. More excitement. And then eating commences. Oh, it's so good, they're having seconds.

Overheard: Conspiracies and traumas

This morning in the neighbourhood... The man at the supermarket telling his friend(?) behind the deli counter about how he keeps almost no money in his bank account anymore. They're monitoring us, man. And you know when the little guy fails to put just a few bucks on his tax return, then the auditors are going to hang him out to dry – big time. And the guy in the park walking two dogs, starting a phone conversation, "Good morning," then something I can't make out, but, as he passes me, "I just want to die."

Electronic family

How our robot vacuum cleaner is like a child
  • It cries out when it needs its 'nappy' changed
  • If it's gone quiet, you need to go and check
  • If it's getting too loud, you need to go and check
  • Sometimes it chokes, sometimes it gets stuck, sometimes it needs to be carried home – especially when its battery is running low

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