18 December 2015

The spice of age

This is a story about my thirtieth birthday party, during which we didn't exactly waste time on posing for pictures; instead, we focused on enjoying some good food and wine. And laughing. Lots of laughing and talking. Maybe sometimes with our mouths full. One of the stars of the story was South African wine, as should be apparent from the annotated pictures. Another star was my friend Marlene, who helped me plan the menu. She also introduced the main star – spices – through a wonderful spice story interlude, which was so intriguing that exactly none of us remembered to pick up the camera! I did however write a bit more about it here[link to come soon]. Thanks to my lovely guests for eating aaaaall the food and to everyone who sent wishes and even gifts from afar. So far thirty really couldn't be any better :)

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