25 March 2011

The move

You come to Japan and you think, "land of Sony, Panasonic, et al, land of shiny technology". And you see some robots and flat screen TVs, but you also see a lot of paper. Especially if you hang around Japanese bureaucrats and their nesting places often enough. And really, the way things operate often makes me think of the comic below.


Our Board of Education is currently relocating one floor up. The poor people have to open the doors that are never opened. Chiefly because behind those doors are cabinets upon cabinets of files upon files of sheets and sheets of paper which no-one ever references. But I doubt much of this will disappear, because who will sort through it? And the "but we might need it someday!" force is just too strong.

If you watch the video you'll see that it does look as if some video and cassette tapes are going out the back door, along with a fair stack of paper, so good job on that.

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