27 March 2011

Black Swan

One of the more recent additions to my Google Reader has been The Art of the Title Sequence. They do interesting posts about title design, or interviews with title designers, and recently they made an amazing video on a brief history of title design. I also found a talk by Kyle Cooper there, and I thought that was really great graphic design inspiration, no matter your particular speciality.

Last night we watched Black Swan, and simple as the concept of the title design was, I thought it was beautifully executed. The Bodoni-esque (though I don't think it's Bodoni exactly) typeface was perfect in its minimal elegance, and the subtle transitions and plays with black and white and texture really suited the movie. I also liked how the cast list echoed a printed theatre or ballet programme. The title design is attributed to Jeremy Dawson and Jeff Kryvicky.

The first two frames are from the opening, and the rest of the frames are from the closing sequence.



  1. Thank you for the kind words. Originally the main on end look was in the front, but Darren wanted it very plain, so as not to interfere with the opening scene. The font is didot, btw. I think we used Headline, but I don't remember right now. Bodoni was one of the choices, but this looked a bit classier :)

  2. Ah! Didot! Much more ballet than Bodoni. Thanks for the clarification and the comment.