06 October 2010

The hill kills me

On my second trip I decided to rush what I thought to be a doable hill in the neighbouring village of Ikazaki, also part of the greater Uchiko town. After some late afternoon sights—I was attempting this after work—I started to head up. Let’s just say I had some great clipping in and out of my pedals practice and that one must remember that walking is exercise too.

Once the sunshine had left me and even the town announcements seemed a million miles away I discovered more roads towards the top of the hill than I was quite prepared for. After some up and down struggles and indecision I decided to head down the way I had come—and not the other side of the hill as I had planned—because I wasn’t convinced that I wanted to meet an inoshishi in the dark. Can you clip out of your pedals in time to avoid an unfortunate collision with a wild boar? There’s a bad question to be asking yourself as you’re listening to the rustling in the undergrowth.

I’d like to go back up and check out the farmland there—during daylight hours. I managed to make it to the white roofs one can see on the map before turning back.

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