17 October 2010

Pink river

On Friday night my husband and I did what the world should do when they want hamburgers: we cycled the 8km to our neighbouring city’s Moss Burger to collect some dinner.

On Saturday I thought about tackling the hill again, but made my way out in the direction of Hijikawa instead. Not owning a car here means that there are just so many places I haven’t seen. But nevermind the places, I haven’t seen the way there either.

While still in Ikazaki I ran into a fellow photographer acquaintance who pointed out where some cosmos flower viewing was happening. The old ladies there freaked out about the supposedly beautiful being (美人)that had arrived in their midst. Seriously? In my cycle gear? Anyway, I also ran into some kids I’d recently taught. I could remember which school* they were from even if they weren’t sure who I was because the one has the most adorable freckles (obviously not very common in Japan). I’d noticed her at school thinking “you’re freckly like me!”

I stayed off the main route on the opposite side of the river and at one point I went off track up a hill for a bit. I passed some more elementary schoolers and their father walking their dog and I heard the sisters debating whether or not I was “Amy sensei”. After I trundled past I turned and pointed out that I was, in fact, her friend. I’m waiting to hear about when they report this encounter to her.

I made my way back down to the main route, dropped into the first part of Hijikawa, and took the main route back. I passed some wood I had to photograph. I just love me some modular things. I noticed that I’d seen the logging part of the yard from the other road.

Back in Ikazaki the sun was setting and the river was pink.

*Between me and our other ALT we cover ten elementary schools. Also we spend most of our time at junior high. Remembering details about elementary schoolers is hard!

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