05 May 2013

Happy Children's Day

Interrupting the South African recap to wish Japan a happy (and already somewhat belated) Children's Day. Judging by Facebook pictures, it looks like the giant kite at the Ikazaki Kite Fighting Festival actually achieved a height describable as 'mid-air'. Well done.

Nothing nearly as exciting is happening here. Yesterday we hung around Stuttgart before seeing Iron Man 3. Look out for the Westworld reference, I thought that was kind of brilliant. I also finally gave in and got myself a Reclam book. They're the sort of publisher that brings out the books you have to read at school, so maybe Germans aren't that into it, but I love all the paperbacks that happen in yellow, orange and red. Delicious.

Of course I also desperately need to buy more Fischer TaschenBibliothek numbers, but I first have to finish reading the ones I have. Then, little stand of books that calls my name, then I will come to you.

P.S. The mini carp streamers that keep my plant company came from a most amazing Children's Day themed package from Japan. So much love.
P.P.S. The sun is coming out today!!!

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