12 December 2010

New eyes on Stellenbosch

I’ve been strolling around town, meeting friends for coffee and such, but more importantly, I’ve rediscovered the beauty of this place. I suppose I look at it now thinking “what can I introduce to my friends, students, and teachers back in Japan” and I notice many things—some that even seem completely new to me.

So here are a few random shots. There are some from around home and dropping in on the Gradex exhibition at the department I studied at. We also saw the damage caused by a fire that took the roof and gutted the top floor of the Willcocks building. And I just found a video where my husband's friend Grant talks about helping a woman from the burning building. Nice work!

Then you’ll see some buildings from around Van Rheede street, Church street, Plein street and on campus. More surely to come!

1 comment:

  1. Some of the details you mentioned noticing for the first time are things I think we did notice while living in Stell, but didn't pay them the attention they deserved. It was laways just part of the picture.