26 August 2014

Last summer: Jungles

So this catching up is going speedily... uh, not. But at least I've received one email so far, triggered by the nostalgia these pictures brought up. Now just to keep editing and uploading... and to reply to that mail.

As you might have guessed, this post is basically a little bit about the urban jungle, but mostly about the jungle that is the botanical gardens in Berlin. All I can really remember is that it was hot in very sweaty but not entirely unpleasant way. Alas, this summer has been a bit low on that kind of joy. All the more reason to live in the past.

Finally, just as a parting shot, two views – one Photoshop stitched, one normal – of a cool tower near the place where we saw some sound installation art in Prenzlauer Berg, where all the grown up yuppies go to live with their kids.

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