14 September 2012

Goodbye, summer

I mean, I hope it isn't truly and finally goodbye, but it sure seems that way. This past weekend we were on a DIY mission, but I forced us to interrupt it after we got back from shopping on Saturday, because you never know how many sunny days are left. We spent a relaxing late afternoon at the Gärtringen public pool. The lawns stretch out forever and the atmosphere is heavenly, even if the water is a tad cold.

I simply had to repeat the trip on Sunday—because again—you never know about the sunny-day supply. Seems it was a good call. Since then we've been plunged straight into much lower temperatures, wind, and rain.

Here are some more phone pics from short walks and cycles around the area in recent times.

Notice that burnt down shed? Lots of messy, messy arson damage. Friends happened to have told us about it, and then I came upon it the other day. Poor farmer.

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