24 August 2012

To Reims

Saturday the eleventh, we set off for France. Unfortunately not by gilded wings, but by rented Ford Fiesta—thanks anyway little car, you did well. Our first stop was in Strasbourg, clearly border territory if you go by the name.

Our destination for the evening was Reims: the beginning of obscure-pronunciation territory. After we'd checked in, we took a walk around the old city. The cathedral was lovely in the afternoon light. Lovely as all the cathedrals on the trip were though, I think I'm reaching a saturation point. In Japan you couldn't throw a stone without hitting a temple, so I mostly went for "this one is the oldest", "this one is the biggest", "this one has a nice garden", because otherwise you'd spend your whole life inside temples. Cathedral-visiting limitations may have to be applied for Europe eventually.

What I assume is a main street of some sort was buzzing when we went looking for some dinner. The first of at least two occasions I can recall right now where the French proved they know everything about making a slice of toast excellent.

More Reims tomorrow.

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