25 August 2012

Morning in Reims

For our morning in Reims we headed to the Palace of Tau.

From Wikipedia:

The Palace was the residence of the Kings of France before their coronation in Notre-Dame de Reims. The King was dressed for the coronation at the palace before proceeding to the cathedral; afterwards, a banquet was held at the palace. The first recorded coronation banquet was held at the palace in 990, and the most recent in 1825.

The palace has housed the Musée de l'Œuvre since 1972, displaying statuary and tapestries from the cathedral, together with reliquaries and other objects associated with the coronation of the French kings.

So that's basically what we saw and learnt about. I especially liked the tapestries. After our visit we got some delicious eats from PAUL. Man, I could go for a aubergine and zucchini mini-quiche again right about now. Anyway, after lunch we were back on the road. More about that next time.

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