13 July 2012

Teeny tiny: Hamburg IV

Day four in Hamburg was taken up by the all important activity of visiting Miniatur Wunderland. I can't think of a person on earth who would not enjoy this place. So, just go there. And if you're still mentally twelve, like most of us, you can find all the "naughty" details.

As a memento I got a model of a strawberry stand that's similar to the one above. I liked it because I'd seen one in the city the day before. Now just to find some time to assemble it.

In the evening we visited the opening of a Stefan Marx show at Galerie Karin Guenther. Inspiring and brilliant as always, so thanks Stefan for letting me know about it!

Later we figured we'd slowly make our way to the Hamburg UEFA fanfest to watch the Germany... somebody(?) game—can't say it matters anymore. After walking around the Alster, we were walking through the gardens towards the venue, listening to the people getting excited, and then boom: a torrential rain let loose. We fought our way through the people trying to stay dry under the U-Bahn entrance roof and went back to our hotel to watch the game on our tiny TV from our warm, dry beds.

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