12 July 2012

All outside: Hamburg III

On the morning of day three I had to do that shot-from-my-hostel/hotel-window thing, because the sky was all like, "HELLO!" Let's not get into the fact that I knew this because our curtains were about a metre short of covering the windows.

After taking a train to a transfer station I first popped outside for some coffee. This lady, her coffee, her cigarette, and her Karl Lagerfeld book, made my day.

I decided to continue with some general exploring, starting out in the Reeperbahn area. Read about its... "colourfulness" elsewhere on the web. I dropped by Smallville Records, which you may remember from this post, but had to reschedule seeing the store for that evening, because Reeperbahn is more of an afternoon and evening trading kind of place.

I found myself back at the gardens after a while and took the time to enjoy the greenhouse since I had been too late the day before. I think I enjoyed it almost as much as Hamburg was enjoying the sun.

I found another cool second-hand book store, but I forget what it was called and it's moving to another location anyway. The guy there was pleasant, unlike this lady, at a store I can remember the exact location of, who I got this stop-touching-things-please-leave vibe from, presumably sent from her brain, through her eyes, to penetrate the back of my skull.

Anyway! By late afternoon my husband was free from his business duties and we went to take Boat Line 62 to see the city from the water. It actually seemed that this was what most of the passengers were doing, even if it is just a regular water bus and not a tour-related thing.

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