12 May 2012

April, May...

Well friends, and since I've picked up a few more daily visits on this blog than I used to have I'm wondering who you are, but anyway, as you read this I'm on my way to Antwerp again. The weather forecast looks more favourable than last time [ I | II | III | IV ] and a friend from the US is coming too! Exciting! Also, the MoMu fashion museum has reopened, so there's even something new to see this time around.

Here's some random news from the last few weeks.

I attended my first Toastmasters division contest. I had to fill out a judging ballot during the English contest, but during the German one I could draw. I didn't zone out completely mind you, I could make sense of most of the speeches.

The next day, the last Sunday in April, we went to the first big flea market of the season in Hulb. There was even some entertainment in the form of this old Mercedes Benz fire truck driving people around the block. I bought an old book or two (duh).

The next evening we attended a barbeque, an event which is far too infrequent in these colder climes. A barbeque a week, that's what I say!

And on the first of May we watched the somewhat protracted process of putting up the Maypole. The fire department's cherry picker (above) was used to put some decorations on after the pole was up. I showed you some pictures before, but below is the full set and a short clip.

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